Meet Giana

"I help women break through and resolve "old story" beliefs and illumine the path to resource their unique magnificence!"

         For 30 years I've dedicated much of my life learning from New Thought leaders, Life Coaches, studies of social behavior; relationship dynamics and pattern behaviors, metaphysics and various forms of spirituality. For the past few years I've been studying women centered transformational education. From personal experience, as well as consulting for a diverse group of clients. I am inspired to offer my help to others in their quest to live a more authentic and larger life.

My own journey has been a succession of personal challenges and triumphs, increasing my compassion for others who are striving for a deeper understanding so they too can forge new empowered meaning and become the powerful creator of their own future.

As an extension of my personal growth and self-care practice, I commit my time and energy and money to people and causes for the betterment of society, animal welfare, the environment, for those in need of advocacy and to make it possible for others to do the same. 

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   In The Stillness


"You long for the road to open up before you

You can almost see your horizon just beyond your reach

You think it’s not within your reach, your dreams are yours alone

No one can see what you see they’re yours alone to seek


How we get from there to here, even in the stillness

How we get from here to there, is all in our willingness."

© 2020 Giana Gee LLC, Songs of Giana, BMI

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