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Meet Giana

"I help you to gain deeper clarity so you can break through and resolve "old story" beliefs. I'll illumine the path and guide you to resource your magnificence!"

 For most of my life, I have dedicated learning from New Thought leaders, transformational Life Coaches, studies of social behaviors, relationship dynamics and pattern behaviors, spirituality, and metaphysics. For the last several years my focus has been applied to learning the newest frameworks and practices  of transformational coaching through several organizations that specialize in this area of human potentiality. I am inspired to offer my support to others who also seek to live a more authentic life.
As an extension of my personal growth and self-care practice, I commit my time, energy and money to people and causes for the betterment of society, animal welfare, the environment and to make it possible for others to do the same. 

A little more insight about Giana


I've always felt and shared a curious enthusiasm towards life and learning which has brought me so many wonderful opportunities and experiences. 

My fascination for people and the human potential has always captivated me. Like most, my own journey has been a succession of personal challenges and triumphs. Often I share my innocent enthusiasm, and most will agree. Yet this has also set me up to be vulnerable to negative exploitation, especially in the workplace in the fashion apparel industry and the music business. Like most "glamour" branded industries, competition is fierce. And some experiences were very hurtful and traumatizing. Yet, my genuine compassion called me to lean in and dig deeper, so I could heal and rise, and thereby support others to heal, recover and find a meaningful higher purpose so they can forge new empowered meaning.


My enthusiastic curiosity is at the core essence of most everything I do. I find inspiration everywhere!

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   In The Stillness


"You long for the road to open up before you

You can almost see your horizon just beyond your reach

You think it’s not within your reach, your dreams are yours alone

No one can see what you see they’re yours alone to seek


How we get from there to here, even in the stillness

How we get from here to there, is all in our willingness."

© 2020 Giana Gee LLC, Songs of Giana, BMI

Live Inspired!

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